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January 20 - Yacht Club Rowing Race (OC6)

March TBD - Around Beaufort (OC6)

April 27/28 - Gold Coast Cup (Australia – OC6/1)

May 5 - Lamma 500 Dragon Boat

May 12 - DWB Dragon Boat Regatta

June 12 – Macau Dragon Boat for women; Dragon Boat event for Men (Venue TBD)

June 12, 13, 14 – Olamau OC6 (Hawaii)

June 22/23 - HK Internationals Dragon Boat

September 28/29 - HKDB Championships (and possible 2014 CCWC Qualification)

Around Lamma OC6

Po Toi OC6


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Weekday OC1 / ski 6:30am

Sat OC1 / ski 8:00am

Tue & Thur training, 7pm

Sat Dragon Boat, 10:00am


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VRC DEEP WATER BAY REGATTA 2013 - Sunday 12th May


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Full alignment with the Victoria Recreation Club

Please note that HKIPC is now know as the Victoria Recreation Club Paddle Section



Well done to IPC Race Crew men finishing second overall in the QUEEN LILI'UOKALANI RACE in Hawaii. Awesome job boys!


Message from our Glorious Outgoing Chairman

Hey Ladies and Gents,

2 years ago, I have set a goal for the first time in my life. It is to take HKIPC to a level which we have never been before. I don’t know if you remember what I said at the AGM. I said I want a world cup medal around our necks and I am very proud that we have achieved that!

The path to success was a bumpy road. Many difficult decisions were made, early morning sessions, sleepless nights, endless communications among a group of 80+ members, etc. However, when I look at the medals and the smiles on your faces, I seem to forget all of that! Therefore, I want to thank all of you for putting in the time for training, planning and most of all, your patience and understanding.

Sunday when I came back from the men’s minor final, people came up and congratulated us for our club performance. One said there are strong crews in Hong Kong but IPC is the one really representing. They said people were chanting “Hong Kong! Hong Kong!….” as we surge passed Nam Hoi Jiu Jiang. The Chinese commentator Edwin Hou said on the PA system “Tremendous improvements for HKIPC this year from the new coaching regime. HKIPC is one of the most well-known club in HK…. Dragon boat training is hard but the more you put in, the better results you get….”

A lot of things happened in this 5 day event, I will leave that to Martha and captains to do a race report. Special thanks to coaching team Adam, Patty, Martha, Rob and Duncan (in no particular order), the coaching team is the heart of this club and no doubt they are the key to success.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of organizing we need for this event. Steve S, Ed as well as the coaching team have spent endless hours to make sure all the requirements are met. Did you see the folder that they haul around? It’s an inch thick!

Thanks also goes to the EC for dealing with the day to day operation of the club. Boat master Christian G, DB workshop manager Eva, kit secretary Veronica, Edith on the facebook page, Nick Barnes with repair and his words of wisdom. Don’t forget the boot camps hosted by Camille and Jai earlier in the season. My gratitude is more than words can describe so I salute you all!




Deep Water Bay Race 2012 Race Results

Deep Water Bay Open Cup Final 2012









Dmitry Matrosov



Dear Deep Water Bay 13th Regatta Participants,

HKIPC crew paddles the entire year, splitting its training season between Dragonboating (usually until late June/early July) and the Outrigger Canoe (July - December). If you wander what to do after this year's dragonboat season is over, why don't you give an Outrigger Canoe paddling a shot.

Join us on Saturday, July 21st, 10 AM at the VRC (location of this year's regatta) for a session of outrigger paddling: OC1, OC2 and OC6 will be available. The session will be followed by a free BBQ!!

Hope to see you there on July 21st.

Let's go paddle!

Dmitry Matrosov

DWB 13th Regatta Convenor


Boris and Camille - Molokai Surfski World Championships

A fantastic effort at the surfski world championships in Hawaii saw Camille take 3rd place in the womens' race and Boris fly through in 41st position (remember, these are the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS)

An Update from Boris

Aloha every body

Just a short race report from the channel crossing . We had a whole week of paddling , preparation and relaxing here hanging out in Waikiki and Kailua with Andy and Anna who took care of us. Paddling seriously : It seems when you are Australian or South African you have a special paddle Gen. They are strong experienced waterman and they are all very serious about it . Some stopped drinking beer for 4 month before the race. If we want to seriously competing with this guys we have to step it up a few notch.

Anyway finally after everything was sorted out the big day came ( I have to say from the logistics and the cost this is a big race too ) Waking up at 430 to catch a taxi to the airport . Flight over to Molokai . It's a funny picture to see all the paddlers in their gear and a paddle in the hand for check in.

After we found our boats on Molokai we started the set up. Taping on all gear, Gels,GPS etc. Paddling our dry gear to the support boats. Luckily there was almost no breaking surf on the beach so launching the skies was easy.

Last talk to Spanky and Mark the captain and then back to the beach my steering was off. My mechanics on the beach Greg Barton and Oscar, what a service !!!

The wind started blowing . The start was simple and we all paddled to the island at the horizon. You couldn't barley see it in the clouds. I had to push my ski quite hart. I was the only one in the field who was paddling a heavy glass fibre ski. You feel the difference very quickly. I believe I could have been 20min faster over all, with a carbon ski . It was just much harder to push the ski onto the waves and keep it going especially after 3 hours.

Spanky did a great job on the support boat . He gave advice, encouragement and showed me the way. But not too much. Just spot on, when I slowed down a bit or I was off the target course. It was a big motivation to know your old coach and teammate there. Anna did the same for Camille . The two took good care of us . They went up at 4 am to catch the support boat over. They stayed properly 10 hours on a boat in heavy sea for us, Gave lots off advice on the course especially on the last bit when you arrive at coconut head. The race was harder then everyone predicted. Everyone expected a fast pushy channel, but the waves where big and sloppy you needed a lot of strength to push on . Oscar was saying this was his hardest. Matt bourman was not smiling at all at the finish. It is crazy that the field gets dominated by men almost 50, Oscar , Dean , Greg…. so there is hope ! After 3 hours into the race my stomach started cramping from the juice and gel combination . I ate my emergency musli bar, that helped . I believe the gels are rubbish for a long paddle like this.

It is a spectacular Scenery to paddle along coconut head . Then the turn to Hawaii Kai bay . This last 2,5 km are flat and you have head wind . You have to avoid a few reefs if you cut it tight around the head land and you want cut it tight. 1km and I spotted another guy almost parallel to me . I thought: you motherf.... You make me sprint !!?? Anyway he tried hard and I was bringing the boat speed up to 13.5 km and beat this guy by 2 sec. ( Richard the epic dealer on Maui )

I hardly couldn't walk after landing. Just got water and oranges and chatted to the other guys . Some guys joked that Camille is just changing . When I saw Camille paddling in I went to the micro phone and chanted a : vive la France ! :)

Aloha Boris


Lamma 500 International Dragon Boat Race, 6th May 2012

The 6th July was a good day for IPC. It was our first dragon boat race since the successful CCWC qualifiers held late last summer. The assembled squad was a combination of ‘old guard’ IPCers bolstered by experienced paddlers who have joined us this year and some very enthusiastic and able rookies.

All of the heats started nervously. Somehow, despite the constant begging of the coaching staff, we had not practised in our starting line-ups, and that showed in the starting pieces of the mixed and men crews. Thankfully the tried and tested ‘chug’ was quickly engaged and took all teams to victory in their opening heats.

The women started out strongly, controlled their enthusiasm, and won all of their heats to stroll into the finals.

The 1000m races were completely dominated by IPC. Mixed, women’s, men’s and the mixed over forties all won their races. The men won their final by 10 seconds. That is some achievement over that distance.

In the 500m finals we faced a much tougher battle. The mixed over 40s (geriatrics) were beaten at the finish line by a strong Stormies team, the women were beaten by a superb Lamma team and the men were marginally beaten by the Hong On Marine Co. (who had a huge lead at the start). In the mixed 500m final (the target race) we managed to pull ourselves together. We started well, engaged the chug well and finished strongly. A great finish to a great day.

The message from the coaches is well done. We all need to train harder and get fitter and stronger. We are going to face much tougher competition over the next few months and now is the time for all of us to step up.

1st mixed 500m

1st men's 1000m

1st women's 1000m

1st mixed 1000m

1st mixed over 40s 1000m

2nd men's 500m

2nd women's 500m

2nd mixed over 40s 500m


Hong Kong Open Indoor Rowing Championhsips

A great weekend at the Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championships. Mens – Matt ‘the Beast’ Venning won the 500m and 2000 men’s over 40 category with some outstanding times and beating the IPC record at the same time. Good to see those biceps and tree trunk legs being put to use.

Martha Levin won the women’s over 40 category (0.2 seconds slower than her own Hong Kong Record) with Patty Lee coming a close second.

Corrine Parker won gold in her category. A fantastic result!

Here are the full results.

Indoor Rowing Championship Results 2012

Patty’s report

Further to Lister's email (copied below), special thanks to our Technical Coach-for-the-Day - Ed Parrott! He spent a lot of time giving many of us much needed last-minute lessons on "how to row". He also spent the morning running back and forth between machines to coach us during races - not an easy feat as every time there were 2 or more IPC members in the same race, they were always on opposite sides of the room.

Thanks also to Martha for getting us out there. Many of you know that I was really dreading the event, but it turned to be quite fun. Great way to bond with your teammates (shared experiences of pain often do that).

The newly nicknamed Molo Molo HoneyBees (Ingrid, Thelma and Teryn) worked as a team, doing power tens together. Nicole was in another race and had to make do with the girls yelling power tens for her to do on her own. Corinne honed her technique throughout the race (with real-time coaching from Ed) and ended up with a much stronger 2nd half than the first.

Ed and Ray were in the most competitive division, against 3 top rowers who were about a foot taller than them. Most of us were watching Ed (sorry Ray!) to get tips on proper rowing technique. He finished in 7 minutes and still had the energy to get up to cheer Ray on.

Matt V made it rowing look effortless. I don't think he even broke a sweat to win, and his 2 races were back-to-back!

Martha had an interesting strategy of resting in the middle of the race; she's the only one I know who can stop during rowing time trial and still beat everyone else by miles.

Lister showed us sheer determination, powering through the last 500 while turning interesting shades of blue.

BIG thanks to Barbara, who couldn't race due to an injury but came along to cheer us on.

All in all a good morning, followed by a very good dim sum lunch. Who knew that you could get so hungry after only 8 minutes of exercise?!

FYI for you who weren't there - Martha will be chasing you this month for your 2000 metre time. Enjoy!


Turkey Run 2011

On a cold December morning around 17 paddlers and two OC6 canoes set off on the annual Turkey Run outrigger expedition, setting off from the VRC at Deep Water and paddling to the VRC at emerald bay. The route was approximately 35 km passing some of Hong Kong's most scenic coastline. Shortly after the start injury, seasickness and 'fear of big waves" reduced that number to 13 active paddlers. Most of the paddlers ended up having to paddle the vast majority of the way. Those who made the trip, paddling or not, were rewarded with some challenging conditions and a great sense of achievement.

At the finish line the crew was rewarded by some deep fried turkey, some amazing side dishes and plenty of booze! A splendid end to the year!

Turkey Run Photos


More medals from the 2011 San Miguel Cup in Singapore

In December a group of IPC paddlers travelled to Singapore to compete in the San Miguel Cup, hosted by Singapore Paddle Club.

It was a successful trip for IPC. The club took the men's distance OC6 gold and had medals in the OC1 4km sprints. The ladies team also picked up third place in the OC6. This was a great result as they had not practiced in that crew. A bronze was also secured in the mixed OC2 sprint category

The BBQ and beer that followed helped cement links with these two great clubs and we look forward to welcoming SPC (and their ultra-lightweight canoe) back to Hong Kong for the 2013 Around the Island Race.

Singapore Photos


Top Class Result in Flagship Outrigger Race

Congratulations to the women of IPC that came 1st and the men who placed 1st (A team) and 3rd (B team) in the OC6 category in the Zoke Around the Island Race! Take a look at this fantastic video of the event

Zoke Around the Island Race - Hong Kong from Ocean Sports Media on Vimeo.


It's never too late to get your feet wet!

If you missed our Open Days but are still dead keen to paddle then send us an email addressed to either the Men's or Women's rep.


Island Shamaal Mauritius Ocean Classic 2011


Congratulations to local surfski paddlers Camille de Carmejane, Boris Manzewski and Leon Rossbotham for completing the Island Shamaal Mauritius Ocean Classic (July 2, 2011).

HKIPC paddler de Carmejane finished 2nd in the women's division. Rossbotham and Manzewski finished 22nd and 42nd respectively.

The Mauritus Ocean Classic is one of 21 races held as a part of the Surfski World Series. Other venues include Australia, South Africa, Dubai, Hawaii as well as Hong Kong in which we see the best of the best coming to our shores to compete in the 24km downwind Dragon Run course. This year's Dragon Run will be held on November 19.

Click here for the full race report of the Mauritius Ocean Classic.



The Hong Kong Island Paddle Club is proud to announce that the 11th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Races on 9th May 2010 was the first Carbon Neutral dragon boat race in the world. With the innovative partnership of Carbon Care Asia, a low carbon solutions specialist, this event was also Hong Kong's first carbon neutral sports event.



Hong Kong Island Paddle Club is partnering with the Hong Kong Shark Foundation

HK Shark Foundation



If you are interested in sponsoring the Hong Kong Island Paddle Club please email Walter Colgan, Sponsorship Secretary, for more information.


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